Kenosha Lifecourse Initiative 
Kenosha County Division of Health
8600 Sheridan Road, Suite 600
Kenosha, WI 53143

for Healthy Families
The Kenosha LIHF Collaborative is a coalition of more than 20 organizations and providers committed to improving birth outcomes and preventing infant mortality for African American women, children and families and for the Kenosha community.

Infant mortality is a public health crisis in Wisconsin. In 2014, babies born to African American mothers were 2.5 times more likely to die before their first birthday than babies born to white mothers. 

Kenosha LIHF was created in 2010 to address the high rates of infant mortality and explore social factors and community conditions that impact the health and well being of women and families. Overall, since this work began, infant mortality has been declining in Wisconsin, though disparities persist. 

Health happens in the home, in schools and neighborhoods, as well as the workplace and the built environment where individuals live.

The Kenosha LIHF collaborative takes a broad view of the many social factors that impact health: stress, education, housing, childcare, poverty, transportation, jobs, nutrition and food security. 

The Collaborative seeks to build partnerships and create strategies to strengthen families, promote health equity and improve birth outcomes. Our collective vision for the community is to "ensure that babies survive and thrive."
The MISSION of the Kenosha LIHF Collaborative is to eliminate the gap in premature births and low birth weight between black and white infants, and to address the underlying community conditions and social factors that lead to infant mortality.

Healthy Babies, Happy Babies 2017
​On September 26th the Kenosha LIHF Collaborative held it's 4th annual "Healthy Babies, Happy Babies" resource fair and diaper distribution day as it observed September as National Infant Mortality Awareness Month. The emphasis this year was on infant safety and immunizations.

Families learned about the safe use of car seats, cribs, baby gates, and protective coverings, latches and locks. Household displays promoted lead abatement, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, medical boxes and gun locks.

Immunization information was available for infants and children age 2 or younger. Kenosha LIHF Collaborative members also had exhibit tables promoting community resources and HMO health plans.

2017 brought in the largest crowd to date with nearly 120 families, children and vendors enjoying the day. Pictures are worth a 1,000 words... ENJOY!